We are in an age where photo editing and retouching industry has a very large potential, it is because of large no of new emerging companies whether it be related to IT, fashion, news, marketing, Media, personal or whatever be the business vertical it belongs it raises a great potential.

Secondly, Have you ever thought that why a company is always on the heights of success and one still striving for its existence. It's nothing else but just the right attitude and intention of their employees. Why these employees are termed as right, it is just because they are internally compelled to work as a team, to make their customers satisfied to their heartiest content and finally to make the difference.

At The Sam India, working here is not just stimulating but also a fun. So we want peoples who are not just technically competent, but they must have a dream & drive to work hard, to strive for the success & must be self-motivated and dynamic.

By Working with
The Sam India you can:

By Working with The Sam India you can: Work in motivating and creative work environment. Get the appropriate challenges to test your skills & upgrade them. Get an opportunity to work with in genuine brains of the industry.

Get handsome compensation on the basis of your expertise and knowledge & rewards as per your performance.If these things make yourself excited, then it's the time that you should look our current job opening section to know how you can be a part of our team.


Talk about customer relationship and Sam has perfect rapport with his clients.He is leading 'The Sam India'. MBA books taught us that customer is everything, practically I could see that in Sam. A team player, great mentor, soft spoken person yet assertive when it comes to getting his tasks completed. I wish Sam all the best for his future endeavors.
Sam's professionalism and dedication to quality, service, and customer satisfaction are just a few of his many assets. He is always willing to listen and is quick to offer up potential solutions. He understands the need to demonstrate the companies value proposition and not just talk about it. Thank you Sam and thanks 'The Sam India'!
I never wonder what my images are going to come back looking like.'The Sam India' has extremely efficient guys who never fail to address any queries, concerns or project related requirements in a professional manner. Their ability to meet deadlines and maintain open and clear communication with clients truly makes a pleasure to work with.
'The Sam India' is an excellent organisation, our source for retouching services. They has always been responsive to our needs and they handled my project in a very good way. Thanks 'The Sam India'!
Thank you 'The Sam India' for outstanding work you have done in a short span of time and for making the way I wanted! I would like to hire you again.
We have a wonderful experience with 'The Sam India', when we received the photos we were absolutely blown away at how talented they are and we absolutely love them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend 'The Sam India' to anybody and hope to be able to use their services again. Thank you so much!.
I outsourced my project to 'The Sam India' for clipping path and masking. Paul was my contact. He was so professional yet and very friendly.He made it such a wonderful way, really that was appreciated. He made us feel so at ease and had such great ideas & skills for pictures editing! I would recommend 'The Sam India' to anyone looking for retouching services!
We have tripled our revenue while working with 'The Sam India'.It's a true partner for us.
'The Sam India' is very dedicated professionals and focused in their customers. If you need compromised professionals, fast results, high quality and accountability, 'The Sam India' must be your choice. We hope to hire them again asap.