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clipping path

1.Clipping path services.

2. Photos background
removal services

We provide premium quality clipping path services to our customers. Our major focus on quality and attention to details. We have ongoing relationship with many global brands like Amazon.com, ikea.com, williams-sonoma.com, olklor.ca and many more they outsource their photo clipping path needs to us. Looking forward to work with you.

Attractive backgrounds add value and make the product unique. We make transparent background, cut out images, free background and provide on PNG format to our clients, later they add any color background to the images. Background removal and manipulations helps to shine the product and create customer impressions.

drop shadow

3. Image Masking services.

4. Drop shadow services

When we talk about the masking of a hairy animal, feathers of birds, hairs of models, it requires some advanced selection method to complete the task. Color range and calculus can be used in this situation. It is very necessary to save the details of the images and work accordingly. Our source your image masking task to us and save your valuable time.


An image with shadow always creates a better impression as compared to images without shadow. When the shadow effect is added to the image it feels like natural, genuine, realistic. Majority of the eCommerce portals put shadow images on their website.

ghost mannequin
retouching services.

5. Ghost Mannequin
Photo Editing services.

6. Color variant services.

It is the demonstration of the apparel and give consumers a real impression of the clothing and accessories. It adds life to the product. It can be entire mannequin or just a neck joint. We combine two images and fix the good part. Our Photoshop expert can take care of your project.


If you have one product with different color, our color variants skills can help you to achieve your entire color options using Photoshop. Shooting all those variants requires lots of time and more budgets. The same result can be displayed by playing with Photoshop settings. Please feel free to reach us.

retouching services.
beauty retouching services.

7. Photo Retouching services.

7. Photo Retouching services.

In online portal, when any product is demonstrated or used for online marketing it is always the best. It passes through so many steps of editing in Photoshop, dusting, bright, contrast, saturation, curves adjustments, color grading and many more. The end result is the final product in front of all and it creates impressions.


Fashions, glamour, beauty images are always centers of attraction. We create beautiful images using Photoshop by Remove blemishes, freckles, pimples, spots, scars, add makeup, adding or enhancing eye lashes/lipstick, remove red eye, Enhance, Boost, fix Colors, Image sharpening, remove background distractions to focus subject, brighten teeth, even skin tone, lighten etc.

new born baby photo retouching

9. Newborn baby photo
retouching services.

10. Wedding photo
retouching services.

Creating beautiful newborn photos is an art. Repairing brightness, contrast, fixing color, fix scratches, missing image elements adding, missing details, skin smoothing, brightening eyes, eyes enlargements, opening the closed eyes, facial retouching, adding special effects, Fun, creative artwork and album designing.


We provide best wedding images services to our client. Images Raw processing by adjusting the light, brightness, contrast, straighten the image, fixing lance corrections, retouching, removing unwanted objects, color grading and many more.